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WoW haus Residency and Triennial

I've been very fortunate to be an artist in residence at the Works on Water house on Governors Island. The Residency culminates in the WoW haus Triennial on Saturday, October 30th this year and I'm excited to present...

"Liminal Bodies | Part I" a multimedia performance examining our relationship to bodies of water and how we interact and access them on a daily basis, combining video projection, live dance, and live music.

Produced and Directed by Electric Djinn.

Music and Sound by Electric Djinn,

Co-produced with Mallika Chandaria,

Video production by Mallika Chandaria,

Choreography and Dance by Nicolas Fiery & Sofía Forero,

Additional Dancers: Maya Balanm Meyong, Noa Chaney, Reché Nelson.

Additional video footage by Alex Seel and Nicolas Fiery

My studio will also be open to the public where you may come and sit and watch the Ocean or just relax with...

“Water Meditation” a 20-minute looped audio-video immersive installation. running throughout the day.


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