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Virtual Frequencies

Everything is Real....

So here we are 3 weeks out from our March 10th performance

at Jump Into The Light America's first VR arcade and studio. It's an adventure to say the least.

We've moved to the mezzanine for rehearsals where the event will take place. For myself the transition went pretty smoothly as for my collaborator She's Excited! well you can read about her experience here but her transition was a bit more involved.

My set up is Main Stage (Logic Pro's sister program) and EXA a virtual studio inside Steam and She's Excited! is using Ableton with Sound Stage also inside Steam.

We've been working on a Hybrid performance using all four systems plus we will incorporate a Moog Theremin. How cool is that? We're stoked! to say the least.

ACT 1: VIRTUAL REALITY – While we are performing our songs, there will be projections of our virtual work stations. ACT 2: MIXED REALITY – The audience will see us (our full bodies) inside the VR rooms performing and working in our virtual music studios. ACT 3: THIS REALITY – The amazing artist Holly Danger will project her gorgeous visuals onto the green screen while we play on our Non VR instruments. Woot!

We have so many people to thank on this adventure Sky, Nahiyan, Mike, Mehow, and the entire staff at JITL. They put us in touch with additional creative partners: Professor Phillip Baldwin from Stony Brook University who provided us with patches in MAX to activate sounds with movement. The lovely Pink is on board for movement/Dance. An amazing costume designer Gabriella is modifying our VR suits with LED lights and other detailing from the garment district.

We've been very fortunate to work with so many generous, talented and seriously smart people for this project. All the contributors are a secret sauce of creativity and we are really thrilled to share it with you!!

Here's a short teaser trailer of our tech setup. Enjoy!


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