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frequency noun

fre·​quen·​cy | \ ˈfrē-kwən(t)-sē


plural frequencies

Definition of frequency

: the number of repetitions of a periodic process in a unit of time: such as

: the number of complete oscillations (see OSCILLATION sense 3) per second of energy (such as sound or electromagnetic radiation) in the form of waves

This is a two part post

Part I: The performance and team for FreakWhenSee


March 10 at Jump Into The Light 180 Orchard Street, NYC

Ticket Link Here.

Electric Djinn and She’s Excited! invite you to become a part of a unique experience.

The female music producers team up at Jump Into The Light for a hybrid performance. Cross pollinating electronic pop and experimental music, virtual reality music, mixed reality, dance, video projections and much more.

Get ready for a cosmic vibrational trip with the duo. You will…


Part I: the performance and team

We’re coming to the end of our residency experimenting with making music in Virtual reality and fusing it with our original non-VR tracks.

It culminates in a one night special hour long performance of music in RL(real life) and VR (virtual reality). There will be mixed reality projections, POV projections of the inside of our VR studios, augmented reality experiences and some interactive ones as well.

We will be joined by PINK for Choreography/Dance, Holly Danger of Danger Gallery for custom video projection and Gabriella Ross of Break Bread Fashion for our costume design. Juan Bravo of Juan Bravo Studios will be video documenting the evening.

And we are definitely super charged to share!

so come and join us!! On this journey.

A big shout out to everyone who helped to make this show happen!

Mehow Skalski, Sky Rolnick, Mike, Nahiyan Ahmad, TJ, Dom, Eric, Viktor

Also: Pink Niruktisart for Choreography/Dance, Gabriella Ross of Break Bread Fashion for costume design

Holly Danger of Danger Gallery for custom video projection

Thanks to Phillip Baldwin & Tommy Martinez for the MAX patches


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