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A Journey into a New Reality

Tech and music together!

A Winter Residency at Jump Into The Light on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Jump Into The Light is a VR/AR experience arcade and much much more!

After meeting another musician on the same bill as me at The Delancey I became curious about what she was all about. Soon I discovered Ambe was working at this very interesting VR/AR space on the LES (that's the Lower East Side of Manhattan). For several months I would come by, kick around and get to know the cast of characters coming and going in the space.

So fast forward to a year later and here I am with She’s Excited! doing a collaborative residency at Jump Into The Light. You can read about her experience Here.

We are working on the technical aspects and getting to know the ins and outs and particular quirks of the VR studios we are working in. She’s Excited! chose Sound Stage while I went for Exa.

Below are a few images of the EXA environment I am working in. Super fun!!

For the initial stage we are just working on the mechanics of our set ups before preparing for tech rehearsals and the final performance on Tuesday March 10.

Here I am working in the headset...

You can check out the InstaGlam for both of us, where we post what we are up to on our residency days! She's Excited! and Electric Djinn


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